ACD Jewellers is one of the oldest jewellery businesses, established in 1969, located in Uttam Nagar, New Delhi. It is one of the bygone jewellery shops in the city that has preserved three generations. The creator of the ACD jewellers moved to India during the time of partition. The owner’s Late Shri Kundan Lal Dhalla Ji grandfather established the shop. He left behind everything back in Punjab that started from scratch. It became one of the prominent shops for selling gold in a few years, and today it has been 52 years; still, the brand is standing strong.

The First Step

With the understanding of meticulous and precious jewellery, ACD jewellers have expanded their business in Uttam Nagar, at the old Pankha Road has achieved greater heights. It is one of the oldest jewellery shops, nearly the time of post-Independence.
ACD Jewellers have earned the trust of their customers and many thousands of people. Understanding precious jewellery, unbound love, and blessings of the almighty, it is achieving new heights with maximum customers.

Growth of ACD Jewellers

For more than thousands of years, India has been the sole supplier and buyer of jewellery. It is the statement of power, prestige, and prosperity for people in India. Indian women have always been fascinated with jewellery, which is one reason why India is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of jewellery globally.
Over the years, ACD Jewellers has grown to become a top jewellers place in New Delhi, NCR. It is a journey that is going to be cherished for years. One step that changed fate has grown its roots in the jewellery industry is never going to be forgotten. It has become the most reliable place to sell safe, simple, and secure jewellery items in the market without any hidden charges.
Today, ACD Jewellers have a team of highly approved professionals with top-class experience in jewellery related products. Each staff member of the company goes through a robust training session before assessing customers for actual deals. It is no wonder how ACD Jewellers has become one of the top gold buyers in New Delhi, India.
ACD Jewellers follows standardized and advanced-technology based testing procedures to measure the accurate value of the gold. We have got our customers covered in every difficult situation. Apart, we pay the highest value based on the current market rate of the gold.
Being one of the award-winning jewellers, it has earned some most trusted customers for the concept of cash against gold in India. The company follows the fixed policy services to treat every customer with quality and dignity.
ACD Jewellers is one of the first shops in Uttam Nagar, New Delhi, that accepts gold jewellery without an invoice.
The biggest differentiator of their services is not just thinking local but also acting locally for their customers. It has brought immense growth and vast experience in operating and providing services to their customers.
Jewellery is one of the most complex products, but ACD Jewellers have mastered evaluating it with years of experience. Their legacy is continued throughout the years.
ACD Jewellers treat every customer equally, intending to maintain long-term relationships. We feel extremely proud of our honest, fair, and transparent gold services. We are highly committed to our ethics. We wish to provide the best value to our customers.
Being one of the preeminent jewellery buyers, we accept all kinds of jewellery pieces, be it temple jewellery, string necklaces, gold rings, bracelets, pendants, etc. We always have something for everyone. We have grown up at the most unimaginable proportions. We share an immense amount of gratitude with the people who choose ACD Jewellers as their gold buyers. We would wish to continue our services and be the vibrant part of the family.