ACD Jewelers This shop is located in Uttam Nagar, Delhi since 1969. This shop was opened by his grandfather! This established shop has been preserved for over three generations and that makes it exclusive and eternal!

“ACD Jewellers – Cash Your Gold PVT. LTD” is one of the leading Gold trading Companies that provides highly qualitative, and cost-effective Gold exchange services and offers a wide range of creative solutions that are designed to meet specific urgent liquidity needs. The company is anchored by the most brilliant and trusted professionals in the precious metal industry which ensures you the highest price deal with a fair & transparent evaluation process that too in a legitimate manner.

We are a team of professionals and well-experienced gold experts who have a proven track record of evaluating and buying old gold, silver & diamond ornaments with maximum customer satisfaction. Our prime aim is to provide the optimum value to our esteemed customers using a fair & ethical, testing & calculation methodology.

This concept is growing rapidly and many gold buyers are emerging in the market, but you have to be cautious and smart enough to gauge the most genuine and reliable option available. The simplest way to judge a perfect gold buyer is to compare the amount you take home for the valuables you sell is how much justified and competitive. We don’t boast ourselves as the highest value payers like other competitors do, you may just come and get it verified yourself and make your decision wisely without any obligation or pressure to sell the valuables.